2016-04-04 : A new partner for the JSM3, and un very usefull one for all the participants !!
We are glad to announce that the printing company M@xx will support the JSM3 ! This company based in Gemenos proposes a wide range of media and formats, adapted to multiple uses of visual communication, such as scientific posters. Thoses posters are in fabric, very light and uncrushable ! Don't hesitate to contact them at maxx@digimaxx.fr for your JSM3 poster ! And Thank you M@xx for helping us !

2016-02-19 : We'll welcome a second keynote !!
It's a pleasure for all the JSM3 committee to announce that the Professor Maxime Schwartz, from the Pasteur Institute, will be our second keynote at the 2016 JSM3. Thank you very much Professor Schwartz, and we look forward to hear everything you have to share with us ! 

2016-02-09 : And two new sponsors to help us !
We are glad to announce that MGEN (Mutuelle Générale de l'Education Nationale) and the famous candy company Haribo will support the JSM3. Thank you for helping us to carry out 
this meeting and for helping all the participating members to keep focus with a little bit of sugar !

2016-01-19 : MolMic In Mars, a new partner !
We have a new partner for the incoming JSM3 ! MolMic In Mars, an association promoting microbiology in Marseille, will support our event ! All the committee members thank you !

2016-01-18 : The keynote is confirmed !!
We are pleased to announce that we will welcome Professor Richard Gourse, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (USA), to give the keynote seminar at the 2016 JSM3 ! Thank you very much Professor Gourse for accepting our invitation and sharing your expertise about RNA polymerase !
We would like to thank the A*midex Foundation which is supporting us and helping us to have such a great guest  in our meeting ! 

2016-01-12 : A new sponsor for the 2016 JSM3

All the best wishes for this new year, from the JSM3 committee ! 2016 takes a good start for us : Grand Luminy Technopole, an association gathering biotech start-ups and research laboratories, just agreed to help us carrying out our project. Thank you very much to Grand Luminy !

2015-12-14 : 2016 JSM3 will be supported by the FSDIE
The JSM3 committee is happy to announce that the FSDIE (Fonds de Solidarité et de Développement des Initiatives Etudiantes) from Aix Marseille University has accepted to support our event ! The evalution committee gave us the opportunity to defend our project and then decided to help us make it happen. A big thank you to our new sponsor !

2015-11-15 : The SFBBM will partner again with the JSM3

The SFBBM (Société Française de Biochimie et de Biologie Moléculaire) renews its confidece in the JSM3 and will support our upcoming meeting. We would like to thank the SFBBM which will help us to encourage the best talk and poster in 2016.

2015-07-28 : A brand new committee for the 2016 JSM3
After a first successful edition in May 2015, the JSM3 members handed over to a new team. All the members of the previous committee are now focused on their Ph.D defense. You can find the new committee members on the organization tab.