We are pretty sure that you are waiting for the great meeting days! The JSM3 committee gives you a taste of what you’d find the 17th and 18th of May.

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Dr. Didier Mazel from the Pasteur Institute will honor us with a great talk about integrons!

“Integrons are mainly known as the genetic agents responsible for the capture and spread of antibiotic resistance determinants among Gram-negative pathogens. They are also are found in the genomes of hundreds of environmental bacterial species. These chromosomal integrons are the sources of both the antibiotics resistance cassettes and the integron platforms that convey these cassettes among bacterial pathogens. I will present how their unique recombination mechanisms and their connection to the SOS response and to the horizontal gene transfer mechanisms, sponsors integrons as integrated adaptive systems for these Gram-negative bacteria, in time of stress”

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Dr. Marcelo Nollmann from the Center for Structural Biochemistry- CNRS/INSERM in Montpellier, France will honor us with a great talk about microscopies as a powerful tool for dissecting microbes!

"The cell needs to execute millions of actions in parallel at any given time of its life cycle. Critically, many of these actions need to be orchestrated during the hasty life of microbes. An example of this process entails the synchronization of molecular engines with different functions. Here, we will discuss different examples of how bacterial motors can be synchronized to couple chromosome segregation to DNA replication. Particularly, we will illustrate the benefits of current state-of-the-art optical microscopies to the study of microbes"